A Reaction Model for Generation of Enantiomers Composed of Brusselator

Kazutoshi IWAMOTO

Department of Material Science and Technology, School of High-Technology for Human Welfare,
Tokai University; 317 Nishino, Numazu-shi 410-0395 Japan

A new reaction model for generation of enantiomers consisting of the most well-known chemical oscillation model, Brusselator, was introduced and its behavior was studied. As Brusselator contains a double state, there can exist a steady state of LD, where L and D represent the concentrations of the enantiomers of a certain chiral compound. Therefore, when L=D and LD steady states are unstable and stable respectively under a certain condition, the optically active state (LD) emerges spontaneously. As many chemical oscillation system contain a multiple state, it was suggested that a chemical oscillation system including stereoselective and autocatalytic processes could be a probable reaction system for chiral symmetry breaking.

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