Preparation of Metallic Electric Circuit by Selective Electroplating on Polypyrrole Patterns

Yasushi OHNISHI, Yukihiro NATSUME, Toshiyuki TAKAKO††, Shoji YOSHIMOTO and Kazuyuki KIMURA

Institute of Industrial Research, Aichi Prefectural Government; Nishishinwari, Hitotsugi-cho, Kariya-shi 448-0003 Japan
R & D Department, Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd.; 24, Fukami, Kamikayazu, Jimokuji-cho, Ama-gun, Aichi 490-1112 Japan
†† Takara Kenzai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.; 3-14, Hanaomote-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi 456-0033 Japan

By selectively electroplating on conducting polypyrrole (PPY) patterns which were prepared using the photochemical oxidizing ability changes of an oxidation polymerization agent such as iron(III) chloride, we found that metal fine patterns would be deposited on the face of substrates. By the use of this method, we will construct a novel manufacturing process of a metallic electric circuit board without using a metal foil bonding board as well as eliminating the steps of etching and removing resist. The copper electroplating on the PPY pattern was achieved by the use of normal copper electroplating bath. However, in contrast to on metals, the propagation of the electrodeposit along the surface of the PPY was observed during the electroplating process on the PPY pattern. The copper deposit forms first near the electrical contact, then gradually propagates laterally along the surface of the PPY pattern. We also discussed the mechanism for this propagation of the electrodeposit.

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