Catalytic Oxidation of Chlorobenzene and Benzene over Hematite Catalyst

Tomoyuki IMAI*, Toshiki MATSUI, Yasuhiko FUJII, Tomoko OKITA and Tasuku NAKAI

Toda Kogyo Corporation; 1-4 Meijishinkai, Otake-shi 739-0652 Japan

The catalytic oxidation of chlorobenzene (CB) and benzene (B) which are precursors for the formation of dioxins at municipal solid waste incinerators was carried out over a hematite catalyst with a micro catalytic pulse reactor. CB was decomposed to B, followed by gradual oxidation to CO2. Benzene was directly decomposed to CO2 and the apparent reaction rates of both catalytic decomposition could be expressed as the first order at 673--973 K. The deactivation of catalyst by repeated pulse reactions and the reactivation of used catalyst by oxidation with O2 were studied from the viewpoint of change in the composition of catalyst.

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