Use of Sponge as an Adsorbent of Cd, Cu, Ni, Co Ions in Water

Yukiho YAMAOKA*, Hiroyuki FUSE, Katsuji MURAKAMI, Marvelisa L. CARMONA, Jose OCLARIT and Tosiaki OOTANI

Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute; Hirosuehiro, Kure-shi 737-0193 Japan
Mindanao State University; Illigan, Minndanao, Philippines

Three strains (Haliclona permolis, Halichlona sp. white and Halichondria japonica)of sponge collected from Akinada in Seto Inland Sea were tested for their ability to collect metal ions. A 50 mL solution containing Cd, Co, Cu and Ni was mixed with 100 mg of the sponge under stirring for 30 min. The concentrations of metal ions in the solution were determined with an atomic absorption spectrometer. Haliclona permolis tested was found to collect larger amounts of Cd, Cu, Ni and Co than Halichlona sp. white. The adsorption order of metals by sponge (boiling water-treated) was Cd>Cu, Ni>Co.

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