Properties and Weatherability of Poly(ester/amide) Containing Norbornadiene Moieties in the Main Chain

Yukari OSABE, Atsushi KAMEYAMA, Shigeo NAKAMURA and Tadatomi NISHIKUBO*

Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kanagawa University; 3-27-1 Rokkakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi 221-8686 Japan

In this paper, we report properties and weatherability of the poly(ester/amide) containing norbornadiene moieties in the main chain (P-1).
The thermal properties of P-1 were investigated by TGA and DSC analyses. The Tg of P-1 stood at 119 °C, and a 5 % weight loss was recorded at 348 °C. The photoirradiated P-1 film containing quadricyclane(QC) groups released about 228 J/g of thermal energy.
Weatherability of P-1 was evaluated during on the outdoor exposure test in Yokohama for 3 months. The stored thermal energy of the QC groups in P-1 gradually decreased as the outdoor exposure proceeded. These results are attributed to the cross-linking formation and the main chain rupture of P-1 during the outdoor exposure.
The top-coating with PVA film and cover with glass plate on P-1 was proved to be very effective to improve the weatherability of P-1 film. It was also found that light stabilizers enhanced the weatherability of P-1 film.

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