Adsorption of Metal Ions and Dyes on Brewer's Refuse and Its Chemically Modified Products

Yoshiaki SHIMIZU*, Kohei OHASHI and Toshinobu HIGASHIMURA

Department of Materials Science, School of Engineering, The University of Shiga Prefecture; 2500 Hassaka-cho, Hikone-shi 522-8533 Japan

To use brewer's refuse as adsorbent adsorption of metal ions and dyes on it and its chemically modified products were examined. The refuse samples used in the present study are protein rich fraction(Pr) and cellulosics rich fraction(Hr) obtained by sifting brewer's refuse. Adsorption experiments were conducted by a batchwise method.
The ability of Hr to adsorb acid dye increased by chemical modification, especially did remarkably by diethylaminoethylation. The degree of increase greatly exceeded that by crosslinking reported in previous paper. The adsorption ability of Pr for metal ions and acid dyes decreased sharply when it was treated with alkali. However, the adsorption ability of Pr for metal ions and a basic dye could be greatly raised by treating with hydrochloric acid.

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