Thickness Changes of Crosslinked Poly (4-vinyl-N-methylpyridinium chloride) Gel Membranes Induced by a Periodic Voltage Change

Kazutoshi IWAMOTO*, Fumikazu KURASHIMA, Noriko SAITO, Takayuki HASHIDUME, Yasumasa YAMAZAKI, Hiroshi WADA and Bunjiro TUJIYAMA

School of High-Technology for Human Welfare, Tokai University; 317 Nishino, Numazu-shi 410-0395 Japan

A periodic change in the thickness of a crosslinked poly (4-vinyl-N-methylpyridinium chloride) gel membrane, induced by a periodic voltage change, could be performed for several hours on a microelectrode. The amplitude of the change of thickness was proportional to the applied voltage, and is dependent on the degree of crosslinking and the concentration of NaCl solutions, in which all the membranes were preliminarily equilibrated before use. Moreover, a propagating wave could be generated on the surface of the gel membranes by using a 5-electrode.

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