Quantitative Analysis of Corrosion Layer on LaNi5 Based Hydrogen Storage Alloys

Shinya MORISHITA*, Yasuhito KONDO, Yutaka OHYA and Shin-ichi TOWATA

Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, Inc.; 41-1 Yokomichi, Nagakute, Aichi 480-1192 Japan

Dissolving characteristics of LaNi5 based hydrogen storage alloys and their corrosion products (hydroxides of rare earth elements+fine nickel and cobalt metal particles) were studied by immersing them in a chromic acid aqueous solution. The hydroxide layers on the alloys dissolved into the 5 mass% chromic acid aqueous solution without dissolving the alloys themselves. The composition of hydroxide layer was analyzed by measuring the dissolved amount of the alloy elements in the solution by ICP-AES. The amount of fine nickel and cobalt particles was estimated by magnetization measurement. The composition of the corrosion layer on the alloy was quantitatively analyzed.

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