Improved Antiwear Effectiveness by Aryl Fluoroalkyl Ethers

Hiroyuki FUKUI*, Hiroshi MURATA, Ken-ichi SANECHIKA and Masanori IKEDA

Asahi Kasei Corporation, Central Technology Laboratory; 2-1, Samejima, Fuji-shi 416-8501 Japan

A series of aryl fluoroalkyl ethers, composed of hydrocarbon components, fluorinated alkyl groups, and ether linkage group has good thermal and oxidative stability and has excellent lubricities due to strong coordination of ether oxygen atoms to metal surfaces. In this study, the antiwear effectiveness of aryl fluoroalkyl ethers was evaluated by Falex wear test.
Aryl fluoroalkyl ethers were miscible with bis (alkylphenyl) ether, silicone oils and polyalkylene glycols, and improved their antiwear properties. Five wt% addition of BisOSBP-A-TFE or BisP-OT-TFE to bis (alkylphenyl) ether reduced the wear to 1/30. Nine wt% addition of β-Naph- (HFP) 3 to dimethyl silicone reduced the wear to 1/35. Nine wt% addition of BisP-AP-TFE to polypropylene glycol reduced the wear to 1/8. All aryl fluoroalkyl ethers evaluated in this study proved to be highly durable against high temperature, even in air.

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