Porous Carbon Powders Prepared from Spherical Phenolic Resin Powder by Thermal Plasma Carbonization and Their Electrochemical Properties

Satoshi MARUYAMA, Masato KURIHARA, Takamasa ISHIGAKI*,†, Kenji WATANABE, Toshio TAKIZAWA†† and Yusuke MORIYOSHI††

R & D Center, TDK Ltd.; 2-15-7 Higashi-Ohwada, Ichikawa-shi 272-8558 Japan
National Institute for Materials Science, Advanced Materials Laboratory; 1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba-shi 305-0044 Japan
†† Department of Materials Science, Hosei University; 3-7-2 Kajino-cho, Koganei-shi 184-0002 Japan

In-flight carbonization was tried by introducing spherical phenolic resin powders of average particle size, 25 μm, into RF induction thermal plasma. The carbon powder was composed of highly porous particles and of the gradient structure with respect to porosity and crystal structure. The layered structure in the surface region was highly graphitized surface, while the core was amorphous. The structure was attributed to the unique nature of thermal plasma processing. Electrochemical measurements as the anode of lithium rechargeable battery also showed the insertion reaction of lithium into the graphitized and amorphous regions.

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