Preparation Method of Dimethyl Carbonate Using Methyl Nitrite

Tokuo MATSUZAKI*, Kyoji OHDAN, Masayuki ASANO,
Shuji TANAKA, Keigo NISHIHIRA and Yasuhisa CHIBA

Ube Research Laboratory, Ube Industries, Ltd.; 1978-5 Kogushi, Ube-shi
755-8633 Japan
Development Deptartment, Chemical and Plastics Division, Ube Industries, Ltd.;
1978-10 Kogushi, Ube-shi 755-8633 Japan

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is expected to be used widely, since it is a low toxic chemical. A novel preparation method of DMC, in which DMC is prepared via methyl nitrite (MN) by the oxidative carbonylation of methanol, has been developed. This method involves two separated reactions, those are, DMC synthesis and MN synthesis.
DMC is synthesized in gas phase from CO and MN over Pd (II) compound suppported catalyst with generating nitrogen monoxide (NO). The MN for DMC synthesis is synthesized from NO generated in DMC synthesis, methanol and O2. As both of two reactions show high selectivities to DMC and MN, respectively, DMC is actually prepared from CO, methanol and O2. According to this method DMC is prepared with high effiency and little catalyst deactivation since neither O2 nor H2O are present over the catalyst.

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