Internal Structure and Photodegradation of Oriental Lacquer Film

Osamu WATANABE* and Katsutoshi NAGAI

Material Technology Department, Fukushima Technology Centre; 1-12, Machiikedai, Koriyama-shi
963-0215 Japan
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yamagata University;
4-3-16, Jonan, Yonezawa-shi 992-8510 Japan

The formation of molecular aggregates of reversed micelles in lacquer tree paint assumed from the molecular structure of urushiol was investigated using electron probe microanalyzer. Results of the microanalysis on lacquer tree paint film containing Fe ions showed that aggregates of reversed micelle structure are formed in KUROME-process and curing.
The photodegradation of lacquer tree paint films cured under various conditions was also studied from the variations of IR spectrum, oxygen content, and exothermic heat with exposure time. Results obtained supported the formation of reversed micelles in the lacquer tree paint films.
In addition, measurements made in the present study were found to provide informations useful for estimating the initial stage of photodegration.

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